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Our Packages

Tailored Packages to Elevate Your Business

At Virtuallybymo, we understand that each business has unique needs. Our structured packages are designed to offer flexible, comprehensive support, whether you're a growing startup or an established business. Choose from our range of packages or contact us for a customized solution.

Starter Package

For Small Businesses and Startups

  • Duration

    • 1 month

    • 6 months

    • 1 year

  • Services Included:

    • Basic Project Management Support

    • Email and CRM Management

    • Calendar Management and Scheduling

    • Basic Social Media Management

    • Basic Website Maintenance

  • Hours of Service: Up to 30 hours/month

  • Ideal for: Businesses needing foundational support to streamline operations.

Growth Package

Comprehensive Support for Expanding Businesses

  • Duration

    • 1 month

    • 6 months

    • 1 year

  • Services Included:

    • Administrative Support

    • Basic Project Management

    • Comprehensive Process Improvement

    • Full Email and CRM Management

    • Social Media and Content Management

    • Enhanced Website Maintenance

    • Basic E-commerce Management

  • Hours of Service: Up to 60 hours/month

  • Ideal for: Businesses seeking to grow and expand their reach and efficiency.

Premium Package

All-Inclusive Service for Established Businesses

  • Duration

    • 1 month

    • 6 months

    • 1 year

  • Services Included:

    • Full-Scale Project Management

    • Operational and Process Optimization

    • In-depth Strategic Planning

    • Comprehensive Email, CRM, and Administrative Management

    • Full Digital Marketing and Advanced Content Creation

    • Complete Web Development and E-commerce Management

  • Hours of Service: Up to 100 hours/month

  • Ideal for: Well-established businesses requiring extensive, top-tier support and strategic guidance.

Additional Hours and Customized Solutions

Tailoring Our Services to Fit Your Business Needs


At Virtuallybymo, we understand that every business's needs are unique and may change over time. If our standard packages don't perfectly match your requirements or if you find yourself needing more hours of service, we've got you covered.

Need More Hours?

  • Flexibility: We offer the option to add additional hours to any of our packages. Whether you have a temporary project that requires extra attention or ongoing needs that exceed the standard package, we can accommodate your requirements.

  • How It Works:

    • Contact us to discuss your additional hour requirements.

    • We'll provide a customized quote based on the additional hours or services needed.

    • Once agreed, we'll adjust your service plan to include these extra hours.


Custom Packages

  • Fully Customizable: If you're looking for a service combination that's not covered in our standard packages, let's create a custom package for you.

  • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your specific needs. We'll work with you to develop a tailored plan that aligns with your business goals and budget.

As your business grows and evolves, so can our support. We're here to ensure that you always have the right level of assistance, exactly when you need it.

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